Joshua Kopel

Episode 164: Changing the Game: Brittney Valles of Guerilla Tacos & Gogo’s Tacos

Do you remember when you first started in this industry? Do you remember the excitement and the optimism. Back then we believed that anything was possible. What if we never lost that? What could we have achieved?

Today we talk to Brittney Valles. A restaurateur that carving her own path in this industry and, along the way, showing us what’s possible when you pair talent and hard work with a brilliant mind and endless optimism.


[2:07] Unconventional mentorship in an unconventional industry

[4:43] The benefits of delegation

[8:45] Getting it right: Creating consistency in inconsistency

[11:15] Creating a brand: The value in saying yes

[12:20] Lessons in partnership: It’s a marriage.

[15:10] Pretending to be humble: You’ll never get there if you don’t put yourself out there

[17:52] Gogo’s Tacos: Building a brand that stands for something better

[21:20] Being mission-driven: Intention is everything

[22:22] Pushing back: Defending the cost of doing business well

[26:09] Sticking to your guns: Not everyone is your customer

[29:09] Using influence for the greatest good

[30:05] The power of winging it

For more on Gogo’s Tacos and her foundation visit

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