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Restaurant Profit Margin: Marketing Masterclass with Brett Linkletter

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Restaurant Margins

Great food, drinks and service are only half the battle. What’s the point of offering a world-class product and service if no one knows about it. As hospitality professionals we are as responsible for restaurant marketing our wares as we are for perfecting them.

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

But how?

Enter Brett Linkletter of Misfit Media. Brett and his team have been working for years to master social media marketing and advertising. On this episode, Brett runs us though his tips and tricks for sharing your vision with the world.

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5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

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  • Beginnings of Misfit Media
  • Marketing vs Advertising
  • Marketing articulation of what makes your product or service good
  • Advertising is to create awareness
  • Misfit Media three stage process
  • Difficulties during Covid
  • 150+ clients pre-covid
  • 25% clientele canceled wiith no warning
  • 25% paused until further notice
  • Pivoting during Covid
  • Optimizing systems for online
  • Develop new systems
  • Becoming more effective as an agency
  • Investing more during Covid
  • DineLine
  • Integrated solution from marketing to sale
  • enables online ordering for restaurants
  • POS integration
  • Misfit Media marketing integration
  • delivery from third party apps
  • Restaurants haven’t changed much in the past 100 years
  • Opportunity to do things differently
  • Josh has done physical advertising e.g mailers
  • Found more success with digital paid advertising
  • Paid advertising works so well because it is hyper focussed
  • Underutilized – restaurants are slow to move into technology
  • Misfit Media find the best results with Facebook and Instagram advertising
  • Next Door and Yelp marketing have good results too
  • Budgeting for paid social media advertising
  • Ad spend of $500 per location per month
  • No need to spend more than that
  • Frequency of an ad – number of times someone has seen the ad
  • Wasting money if the same people are seeing the same ad again and again
  • Messenger is also high open rate
  • Average engagement rate for followers is 0.5%
  • Advertising to grow followers arre not useful
  • Create a custom audience after collecting data
  • Enables you to exclude customers already collected
  • Every dollar spent is going to acquisition and building database
  • Advertising group should be min 30,000 people
  • Key KPI
  • Cost per contact
  • Good average is $1-1.20 per lead
  • If 20% of leads collected convert to customers, that is a $5 acquisition
  • Biggest advertising mistake
  • Boost posts
  • No KPIs for success
  • Lazy way to advertise
  • Learning abut social media advertising
  • Restaurant Accelerator course by Misfit Media
  • Billy Gene marketing programs
  • Reopening campaigns step by step
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