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Restaurant Consulting: Dana Shertz, Winning with RMD Group

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Restaurant Consulting

I’m always amazed when someone with absolutely no prior experience in our industry can open a place and dominate the market. Today we chat with Dana Shertz of the RMD Group who did just that.

In our conversation he shares how he was able to take the lessons he learned while scaling Calloway Golf and leverage them to create a hospitality empire.


[3:16] Lessons from the sports industry: unpacking the fundamentals of business with Dana Shertz

[5:22] Building a relationship-focused business: How to leverage your vendors for success

[7:02] Pivoting to restaurants: the road that led a sports professional into the hardest industry on earth

[8:17] How to create a banger out of the gate: getting your financial house in order

[10:25] The top KPIs to keep track of and optimal review frequency

[12:30] The overlap between consulting and operating

[13:35] Pandemic drama: thriving through challenges

[14:53] Pulling in a crowd: the art and science of tapping into demand

[17:07] To compete or play your own game: the mentality of success

[21:04] The universal issues: what a consultant sees when they can see everything

[21:51] The benefit of mentoring others: learning how to work and think in different ways

[24:04] Cultural shifts: changing your mindset to align with generational values

[26:38] A philosophy of mutual investment: how to get the best out of your people

[28:11] A mentor’s mentors: the people who shaped and influenced Dana Shertz

[29:52] What will change and what won’t: the bird’s eye view

[31:28] Keeping a focus on what’s important: camaraderie in the industry

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