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Restaurant Profitability: Offboarding Yourself with Michele Hecken

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Restaurant Consulting

You are your restaurant and no one is ever going to know it or be able to run it better than you. But is that a good thing?

Today we chat with Michele Hecken, an executive coach who specialized in helping you get out of your own way–eliminating you as the bottleneck to growth and empowering your team to fulfill your dreams. Today we begin the process of offboarding ourselves.


[2:22] Offboarding: when delegation isn’t enough.

[4:20] Getting fired from you own life: the choice to do something different.

[7:30] The symptoms of success: measuring your effectiveness as a leader.

[10:44] Why work/life balance is bullshit.

[13:11] Why assigning responsibility trumps delegating tasks.

[16:53] The struggle for restaurateurs: translating magic to the rest of the business.

[22:10] Accelerating the decision-making process.

[23:57] If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there.

[28:07] How to offboard yourself: getting clear on what matters.

[31:05] Don’t be held by the shackles.

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