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Restaurant Advertising: Unveiling the Success of Sabato Sagaria

He was the Chief Restaurant Officer of Union Square Hospitality Group with 20+ locations. Then he became the president of BarTaco, a restaurant group with 30+ locations across 10 states. In his spare time became a master sommelier. By all metrics, Sabato Sagaria is a huge success.

But with such a high failure rate in the industry, what elements are required to achieve that level of success? Today, Sabato teaches us the lessons he learned while working with the best to become the best.

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  • Redefining leadership at Union Square Hospitality Group
  • Rolling out a zero-tipping initiative
  • The importance of trust and transparency
  • A one-size-fits-one approach
  • Possessing a growth mindset/focus
  • Can every job be your dream job?
  • Creating growth opportunities within your company
  • The importance of word-of-mouth advertising
  • How to create word-of-mouth advertising
  • Guest communication strategies
  • 100% table touches
  • WTF moments
  • The perils and benefits of integrating with a larger company
  • Lessons learned from a giant corporate structure

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