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Technology for Restaurants: Phillip Baltazar Embraces Analytics

Personally, I believe that the biggest hurdle for most of us when it comes to escaping day to day operations is finding the right person to replace ourselves. Aside from what it takes to find the right person, it’s the risk that holds most of us back. The risk of spending more than we’ve ever paid ourselves on someone that may not be right for the job. But, what if we could be sure that the person we’re hiring is the right fit for the role? Today we chat with Phillip Baltazar. Philip is a new kind of consultant using science and data driven methods to ensure the people we hire are perfect for the job. In this episode we cover everything from hiring your replacement to hiring a server.

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

That’s Phillip Baltazar. For your complementary team diagnostic, visit Team Diagnostics / CI Survey.


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