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Hi, I’m Josh

I’m a Michelin-awarded restaurateur turned restaurant consultant teaching restaurant owners the lessons I’ve learned from creating blockbuster concepts in every tier of dining. I’ve crafted the recipe for scaling profitability, stress free operations and bulletproof marketing strategies to scale your restaurant, without creating additional workload or overwhelm.


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Featured In


Is there a recipe for success in the restaurant industry?

The mission to answer that question has landed Josh in front of thought leaders from Will Guidara to Wolfgang Puck. The lessons he’s learned from over 350 episodes of his top-ranked podcast have translated into checklists, templates, webinars and resource guides.

With a goal of helping one million restaurants thrive by 2025, he provides the step by step recipe for success used by hospitality visionaries like Andrew Zimmern and Curtis Stone, empowering independent restaurateurs to build a life and a business they love.


1000+ Reviews

The Top-Ranked,

FULL COMP is a weekly show exploring the past and future of the hospitality industry. Provocative and actionable, the show aims to ask the tough questions, supplying listeners with the tools and resources needed to thrive post-pandemic.

The host, Michelin-rated restaurateur Josh Kopel, challenges conventional wisdom by hosting both hospitality professionals and thought leaders from outside of the industry, offering a new perspective on an old business.


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Pick a collection below to get actionable, momentum-building advice perfectly paired with your current stage of business growth.

The Playbook

Actionable tools and strategies from the best in the industry

Legendary Leadership

How to run a values based, data driven restaurant that inspires, innovates and thrives.

Celebrity Status

How the biggest names in our industry got to the top and how they stay there


Leverage Digital Media to Drive Traffic to Your Restaurant

This free (and highly detailed) guide will outline how to tell your story in the most compelling way possible and how to share that story with the masses.

(Yep, even if you’re not a “tech” person!)


Lead Your Team Instead of Managing Them

This free (and highly detailed) guide will give you everything you need to know to build and lead a world class team from scratch, ensuring you work less and earn more. (Yep, even if you know nothing about leadership.)


Ready to Optimize, Manage and Grow Your Restaurant’s Profit Margin But Not Sure Where to Start?

This free (and highly detailed) cheat sheet will give you everything you need to know to set up your restaurant to maximize profitability. (Yep, even if you’re not a “business” person!)