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Restaurant Consultant: André Hueston Mack, Brooklyn Barron

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I’m sure everyone ascribes to the philosophy of being the change you want to see in the world, but what does that look like in practical application? As hospitality professional, we have a unique opportunity to shape our neighborhoods by influencing what they consume and how they consume it.

André Hueston Mack is doing exactly that. Never in my life have I seen someone invest so much of themselves into their community and today we talk about the risks and rewards associated on betting on your neighbors to create a better neighborhood.


[2:20] Learning the standards of self-expression

[5:00] Leaving Thomas Keller: Where uncertainty meets determination

[7:09] The slow burn of getting rich: “It was hard, but it was mine”.

[9:22] Making the wine was the easy part

[11:02] Knowing who to impress: the key to success in salesmanship

[13:28] Running toward discomfort: Understanding your own strengths

[14:04] Pushing boundaries: Priorities, time management, and opportunity

[16:06] How hard could it be?: Scaling an empire outside your front door

[20:56] Ensuring a profitable ecosystem: The demerits of peaking early

[22:53] It’s all about the neighborhood: Keeping it personal

[24:35] Preparing for the moment you’re in the way

[26:10] What Albert Einstein, distillation, and For Dummies books have in common

[29:00] Choosing from a thousand options

[30:10] Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of your fear.

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