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Restaurant Business Plan: Chutzpah’s Impact on Restaurateurs

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What is Chutzpah? I think Guy Kawasaki described it best as “calling up tech support to report a bug on pirated software”. In a word, chutzpah is audacity, and I really want to explore how being skillfully audacious can transform a restaurant and a restaurateur into something more.

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

In this episode, we’re talking to Mason Harris, who wrote the book on audacity and how it can be systematized and weaponized to turbocharge our restaurants.


[2:32] How the early days of email led to a philosophy of

[5:48] What exactly is chutzpah? “Audacity?” “Gumption”? Maybe…“Intestinal fortitude”?

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

[7:03] A world view, a set of behaviors, and a skill set: It’s all in how you implement it.

[7:55] The Trifecta: Need, Pain, and Opportunity.

[11:12] Service, training, staff, and food: How to be a trailblazer in the restaurant industry.

[13:40] Messaging: the role of authenticity in trailblazing.

[15:03] The power of clarity: why understanding the nature of your decisions matters.

[20:00] The lens of intention: positioning yourself to make critical decisions.

[22:55] Humility in action through the good times and the bad.

[27:30] The Chutzpah Mentor: The story of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

[29:10] How to Return a Tire to Nordstrom: An Exceptional Tale of Chutzpah in Service

[32:25] Remembering the value of your impact.

To learn more about Mason Harris, visit

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