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Restaurant Labor Cost: Unlocking Success with Eric Cacciatore

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Restaurant Labor Cost

I’ve spent so much time worried about myself and my own restaurant, I haven’t given much thought to the next generation of restaurateurs coming down the pike.

What do they think about what’s going on? Are they discouraged by what they’re seeing? Do they have any valuable insight to share with us as we try to sort our way through this?

On this episode we sit down with Eric Cacciatore, aspiring restaurateur and podcaster, who offers a unique perspective on the past and future of the hospitality industry.

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  • The value of networking in person
  • Business is about relationships
  • How Restaurant Unstoppable started
  • There hasn’t been a culture of openness in the hospitality industry
  • Everyone seems to be doing amazingly until they close down
  • Lack of vulnerability is isolating
  • Most successful hospitality leaders are the most generous with their path
  • Mentors Eric looks up to
  • It could be the best time to open a restaurant
  • Lots of opportunities
  • More human capital than before
  • Restaurant Unstoppable podcast shows the industry as it is
  • Intended to be motivating and inspiring
  • Can be disheartening as the industry is very difficult
  • Guests are honest with their failures
  • The best of the best can still be struggling
  • Two keys to growth in the restaurant industry
  • Cash flow
  • People
  • How the pandemic has affected the podcast
  • Making new mistakes
  • The myth of the perfect storm
  • Eric has learned the best variables to become successful via the podcast
  • Knowing the lessons stops you from diving in
  • Start with what you have
  • Open-book management
  • Opening your books to your team
  • Teaching them how to run a business
  • Being transparent and vulnerable
  • Increases the bond in the culture
  • Creates a team of leaders you can promote from within
  • Vertical integration
  • Growing deep rather than wide
  • Investing in the next generation of people
  • Making the business as airtight as it can be
  • Developing a solid culture
  • Expand into a community of businesses
  • Plans for Restaurant Unstoppable
  • Creating a network of past guests, listeners, tools, and resources in one place
  • Creating a restaurant group
  • Partnering with other restaurateurs
  • Fear of failure
  • Due to having a podcast about restaurant success, Eric feels pressure to be successful
  • Starting where you can
  • Focusing on organic growth
  • Having a 10-year goal in mind
  • Not expecting overnight results
  • Building relationships
  • Giving up equity in your business can make you lose autonomy
  • Words of encouragement
  • Where there is disaster, there is opportunity
  • Indians used to burn fields to trigger new growth
  • You don’t have to do it alone
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Dream with your team
  • Set great goals

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