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Restaurant Marketing Agency: The Stolen Episode feat. Luke LaBree

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Restaurant Margins

This one’s coming totally out of left field.

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

I had the pleasure of being on my friend Luke’s podcast and I enjoyed the conversation so much, I stole some of it to share with you here. Luke is a digital marketer who’s built some huge brands within the industry. You’ll also get to hear a bit more of me than you normally do. Sit back, relax and listen to these 2 old dogs chew the fat.

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5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

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  • Independent business owners struggle to create content
  • Independent businesses have always struggled
  • Slim margins
  • 16hour days
  • They feel that they have no time to create content
  • Content Imposter Syndrome
  • The feeling your content doesn’t stand up to the content in your industry
  • Discouraging to try and compete with the huge amount of content on the internet
  • Honesty tips the scale
  • Be your unique business online
  • Share what you do and the way you do it
  • Showing your team and behind the scenes gets much more engagement
  • Honesty builds a stronger connection with your audience
  • Create the content you want to see in the world
  • Elizabeth Tilton went viral because of their reopening guide
  • They didn’t make it to go viral
  • It was true to self
  • Selfless stuff you are doing will resonate more than anything else
  • People see through the hard sell
  • Example
  • Two members of staff manually assembled 600 hand sanitizer dispensers before they were shipped to customers
  • Luke uploaded the security footage of them doing this
  • Audience loved it
  • Mundane everyday details are what makes your business interesting
  • Everyone leaves happy philosophy
  • Explains the vision of Josh’ restaurant
  • Setting that expectation that there is nothing that they won’t do to make sure that the patron leaves happy
  • Empowered staff to operate independently under this guiding philosophy
  • Telling patrons that their happiness was important de-escalates any upset
  • It’s a privilege to turn around bad feedback in real-time
  • There are no limits to service
  • Josh once fully comped a meal and drinks for a table of 8
  • Restaurant was running low on food
  • Offered a free meal off menu of what food was left
  • Having a passion for service is why we stay in the business
  • Knowing your core passion is the most important thing
  • The importance of teamwork
  • Allowing them to put forward ideas
  • Showcase their talents on
  • It takes the whole team to make a shift run smoothly
  • Customers pick up on team spirit
  • No Us Without You
  • Non-profit that feeds families of undocumented workers
  • Having a holistic approach in digital and real-life created success
  • Created a movement
  • Taking a leap of faith
  • Many miss the opportunity to act
  • Scared of failure
  • Those who take a leap are the ones who succeed
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