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Restaurant Business Plan Template: Meet Mark Birnbaum, The Catch Hospitality Group’s Cool King

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When I think about Mark Birnbaum, I think about the word cool.

This dude has 50,000 followers on instagram, his trendy restaurants have lines out the door nightly and celebrity investors dump boat loads of cash into everything he creates.

But, at his core, he’s a restaurateur, just like you and me. And his path to success was formulaic and well thought out. In today’s episode Mark shares the formula he used to build a restaurant that doesn’t follow trends, it creates them.


[2:25] After-Prom King: Hustling cool through school.

[4:30] Finding gusto through tragedy.

[6:41] Higher margins, and better experiences: An innovative one-stop experience.

[12:50] The essential elements of cool: Good food, good service, good vibe.

[14:51] Design is everything: Creating the perfect vibe.

[18:05] Determining success: When you know something is or isn’t working.

[22:00] Lessons from the pandemic: What Catch did differently.

[25:30] How to make it in the restaurant industry: The reality of success.

[29:35] Less is more: Knowing how to spot a good deal.

[31:43] The recipe for getting where you want to go in the hospitality industry.

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