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Restaurant Funding: Tamara Loehr on Balance & Business Growth

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When did you give up on the idea of balance? How many promises have you broken to yourself or to friends and family? It’s so damn hard because the needs of our businesses are immediate and constant. The fires we put out on a daily basis are sometimes literally so how can we step away? How do we unplug without shooting our future selves in the foot?

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

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Tamara Loehr has an idea and it’s pretty compelling. She advocates for blending and, in today conversation, walks us through the step by step process of seamlessly blending our personal life with our professional life.


[2:35] The juggling act: The merit of asking permission and refusing to apologize

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

[5:25] Setting boundaries and establishing a rhythm

[6:49] Training your team: Putting systems in place that establish and uphold expectations

[8:55] Establishing core values, bucket lists, and how to have fun on the way through

[11:05] The value of doing the opposite: Creating magic by following your gut instincts

[14:16] Beginning to blend: From overwhelm to a value-driven life

[17:20] The power of mentors: Who to take advice from if you’re trying to bring in 10M a year

[18:44] Communicating in Color Blocks: Categorizing your conversations for maximum effect

[20:02] The Power and Place for EOS, Scaling Up and Net Positive: When to use what to create maximum impact

[22:17] Slicing your pie: Unpacking and implementing the systems for getting started

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[24:40] Living life on your own terms: Creating an effective support system

[29:25] Lessons learned: Money, community, and the value of carts before horses

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