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Restaurant Consultant Success: Episode 155 with Anne Gannon

There are a thousand roads that can lead to success in our industry but only one road that leads to profitability. Today we’re talking numbers with Anne Gannon, founder of the Largo Group.

In our chat today we’re going to explore what the formula for success looks like by examining some of her most successful clients and unpacking the tactics, tools and strategies they’ve used to achieve massive profitability.


[2:56] How to stop playing catch-up: The trends worth tracking weekly.

[4:20] Analyzing your restaurant.

[5:26] The labor crisis: an economic perspective and evaluation.

[7:01] Bottom line revenue: budget and operational inefficiencies

[8:15] The reality of labor: You can’t have it both ways.

[9:55] Lessons from the best: where passion and practicality collide.

[11:51] Profitability: you are in control of your own destiny.

[13:50] An industry comparison: where we can shift, and what we can embrace.

[15:33] The KPIs you should be tracking and the tools to do it with.

[17:24] Nauseating, but necessary: what we really should be considering when we invest in a POS.

[19:28] What we shouldn’t return to: the hidden dysfunction in the successes of 2019.

[21:43] Cashflow is king: remembering the pain of being top-heavy.

[23:53] Setting yourself up moving forward.

[25:25] Financial aid resources you don’t know about yet. (Here, have some money. You’re welcome.)

[26:56] What we don’t know we don’t know: Accounting doesn’t actually suck (really!).

[28:20] Congratulations are in order.

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