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Restaurants Technologies: The Case for Change with Celebrity Chef Andrea Drummer

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I’ve never wanted to be the first anything. It takes courage to do something no one has ever done before, to dream a new dream. Chef Andrea Drummer has that courage. Today we discuss the changing tides within our industry and our culture…covering everything from cannabis to diversity.

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

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5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge


  • Noticing race inequality
  • Grew up poor in a middle-class neighborhood
  • Noticed white flight
  • Noticed the difference in education when attending a partially private, predominantly white high school and majority black high schools
  • Called an n-word at age 19 by a man in a pickup truck
  • Starting in culinary
  • Always been creative in the kitchen
  • 1st career in non-profit
  • Advocated against cannabis use
  • 2nd career as a cannabis chef
  • Getting into cannabis cooking
  • Moved to California from New York
  • Went to culinary school
  • Stress of culinary school caused illness
  • Severe chronic pain
  • Prescribed opiates but took cannabis instead to relieve pain
  • The body metabolizes cannabis in a different way with food
  • Cooking with cannabis made sense
  • Making cannabis use accessible
  • Increasingly being used by the older generation
  • Less likely to be smokers
  • The effects of a cannabis meal
  • Choose your own strength
  • Particpants inform Andrea of what they want to experience
  • Tolerance
  • Strength of high
  • Andrea can infuse on site to strengthen the high
  • Cannabis quality
  • Purchased wholesale
  • One grower
  • Organic, outdoor grown
  • High in THC
  • Business during Covid
  • More enquiries for private dining experiences
  • Focussing on delivering at-home solutions to patrons
  • Minorities and women in the industry
  • Andrew Zimmern mentioned we have the opportunity to change how minorities and women have been treated so far in the industry
  • Andrea creates equality in culture
  • Focusses on uplifting black women
  • Importance of good work environment
  • Kitchens used to be hostile
  • Chefs would throw things
  • Andrea redefines her working kitchen
  • Better working hours
  • Friendly environment
  • If you are not good to yourself, you are not good for the kitchen
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Being apolitical is damaging to the movement
  • Silence is impactful
  • Encouraging non-black folks to listen and be open to hearing the truth
  • The world is changing
  • We all have a desire to be better
  • We are still creating and learning during this time
  • Success has no playbook
  • Andrea is relatively new to culinary business
  • Creating her own rules with intention
  • Being true to oneself
  • Reflecting during Covid
  • Opportunity to be authentic and original when everything is quieter
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