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Restaurant Email Marketing: Delegate Solutions with Emily Morgan

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Restaurant Consulting

How many hats are you wearing on a daily basis? One? Two? Two hundred?

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

The only way we’re going to get better is by getting better at sharing our workload with others.

That’s where Emily Morgan comes in. Emily is a delegation expert and today she walks us through the mindset and strategies we need to pull this off along with the pitfalls to avoid.


[3:14] Out of the weeds: WTF do I do with myself now?

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

[4:25] The discipline, art, and science of delegation

[6:05] The 5 types of bottlenecks we threaten our businesses with

[10:20] Checks and balances: getting realistic about your habits

[11:49] Expenses and investments: understanding what you’re worth

[13:13] Reversing the math

[13:55] The 5 Golden Rules of Delegation: best practices to set your goals

[15:05] We are special unicorns: discovering what’s possible to delegate

[17:21] The low-hanging fruit: get rid of the easy stuff first

[18:45] How to create the steps and build the systems

[20:30] How to avoid delegating a broken machine

[22:08] The first 5 things to pull off your plate

[23:21] The science of delegation

[24:25] Delegating the end result: the value of defining success

[25:27] Feedback: how to solicit honesty and communicate productively

[27:30] How to avoid setting your hair on fire

[28:18] Determining good enough: the 80% rule

[29:00] Committing to the boring stuff

[29:40] Clearing space for your impact

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