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Restaurants Technologies: Leveraging Crisis with Joth Ricci

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Over 100,000 restaurants were lost in the pandemic and there’s so much we can learn from that. But there are also organizations that thrived during the pandemic. What did they do differently? What did they see that so many didn’t? Today we chat with Joth Ricci of Dutch Bros who saw opportunity in tragedy and used the pandemic as a catalyst to build the coffee shop of tomorrow, today.

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge


[2:38] Cutting teeth: lessons from and starting over and building from the ground up.

[4:28] Starting something with nothing: What defines a successful founder.

[5:20] Strategic planning, discipline, and defining yourself.

5 Day Restaurant Profitability Challenge

[6:43] Exploding the brand: Staying true to core values.

[7:40] The secret sauce: Ignoring the shiny light, keeping it simple, and being the very best at what you do.

[9:20] Examining Dutch Bros.: opportunities in technology, operations, leadership, and marketing.

[11:01] Achieving traction: setting the runway and hitting the ground running.

[12:23] Seizing The Great Pandemic Opportunity: putting rubber to the road when everything else stopped.

[14:32] Becoming a better leader: managing emotion in chaos, gaining perspective, and setting an example.

[17:53] Companies as a classroom: building teams through the lens of education

[18:22] Dutch Bros. 2.0: plowing into digital connection.

[20:07] Building a data-driven business: understanding your customers’ journey.

[22:43] Be good at being who you are: the value in rejecting trends that don’t serve your service model.

[24:34] You can’t be all things to all people.

[25:54] Being big and being small: staying connected through community.

[27: 56] Baking social impact into the fabric of your business.

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[29:44] Stay true to yourself, communicate who you are, and remember that service always wins.

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