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Restaurant Business Spotlight: Holistic Hospitality with Paul Pruitt, Founder of New School

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Restaurant Consulting

To call Paul Pruitt a restaurant consultant fails to describe who he is and his contributions to our industry. Paul is a hospitality futurist who, in the 10 years I’ve known him, has predicted every major evolution that our industry has faced.

Today Paul and I chat about the present and the future of our industry and how holistic hospitality could be the solution to all that ails us.


[2:30] Catching rising stars:

[3:58] Kickin’ it New School: It’s not always about reinventing wheels.

[6:25] The importance of exploring what you can control, what you cant, and what will last.

[10:19] Horrible cupcakes on beautiful plates: The value of The Fun Sponge

[14:45] Tempering the algorithm: The balance contemporary thinking and innovation

[18:40] From concept to execution: Leaning into process, building a foundation, and creating cooperation.

[20: 40] Scaling a business is easy. Scaling culture is hard.

[26:17] Holistic thinking: Embracing a nonbinary perspective in your business.

[30:27] Exploring shades of grey: appreciating nuance, and refusing black and white decisions.

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